Test for echo

Ever wondered what basic information your browser sends with each HTTP request? Sometimes I do. For example, why the website, like Skype, automatically show the page in Russian? Well, as an impatient engineer, instead of looking for the existing solution, I crafted and deployed my own: http://echo.ttrider.com Just send your request to it and it […]

Hogwarts School and Sofware Development

I found this funny quote today in one of the Russian forums. Here is my translation: Hogwarts feels like a software project that is going for decades, like (insert your favorite product here). Old bugs, undocumented features that no one remembers why they been created or how to use them, incompatibilities and a lot of […]

PowerShellAsync – library to build async-enabled PowerShell CmdLets

I love PowerShell. Yes, I know it is not as good as <insert your favorite shell here>, but on Windows it makes my life easier. I’ve been using it for many years now, built my own scripts for easy stuff and CmdLets for more interesting scenarios.    Lately .NET – based coding starts moving into asynchronous territory […]